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Perfect Short Research

In 2002, Michael Markowski, the founder and Director of Research of Dynasty Wealth founded upon discovering an anomaly when conducting a post mortem on the financial statements of Enron.  He named the anomaly “The EPS Syndrome”.  From 2002 through 2013, Mr. Markowski conducted further research and monitored those companies having multiple and acute diagnoses of the syndrome and consistent negative quarterly cash flow characteristics.  He discovered that afflicted companies with recurring diagnoses of The EPS Syndrome have a high probability of sudden and dramatic share price collapses and bankruptcies.

In 2013, Mr. Markowski named or classified a company having these tendencies and nine additional attributes a “perfect short”.  The destiny of a perfect short is bankruptcy and a share price of zero.  Notable companies that met Mr. Markowski’s 10 attributes qualifying them to be deemed as perfect shorts and that subsequently filed for bankruptcy included Lehman Brothers and the Fleming Companies which was formerly the largest food distributor in the U.S.  A white paper by Mr. Markowski entitled “The Discovery and Defining of a ‘Perfect Short’” which provides in-depth information about perfect shorts is available.  A video about the EPS Syndrome and perfect shorts is also available for viewing via the active link herein.

Mr. Markowski does not relish his deeming a company a perfect short.  He has never profited or attempted to profit by selling the shares short of those companies which he has discovered and named as perfect shorts.  The research he produces on perfect shorts is a public service.  Michael Markowski has personally witnessed the catastrophic financial consequences that a company can have on its shareholders when it un-expectantly files for bankruptcy.  Perfect short companies undermine the confidence investors have in the stock market.  

The Discovery and Defining of a "Perfect Short"

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