Perfect Short Research™

The Dynasty Wealth Investment Community will soon be the exclusive publisher of the Perfect Short Research™ that will only be available to Platinum tier members.The research is conducted and produced by Michael Markowski who is one of our co-founders.  Mr. Markowski has been cited as an expert by the financial media at predicting those companies that are heavily recommended by Wall Street analysts which have an extremely high probability of going out of business.

In conducting his post-mortem on Enron after it filed for bankruptcy, Mr. Markowski discovered that Enron and more than 100 other public companies which had gone bankrupt during the five years prior to Enron had been afflicted with the same Financial Statement disease. He named the disease “The EPS Syndrome”.  Mr. Markowski’s discovery also led to his founding of which provides alerts and diagnostics charts that cover the operating cash flows of all US publicly traded companies.  

The embedded 4 minute video, Titan Machinery, a Perfect Short” explains how The EPS Syndrome is diagnosed for a company and elaborates on why they make perfect shorts.  It also covers a few of the companies which had been diagnosed as having the disease prior to their demise including Lehman Brothers.

Since his discovery of the syndrome Mr. Markowski has made a career out of successfully predicting “third party verified” bankruptcies and significant share price declines of seemingly healthy public companies that are reporting cashless earnings.  In a September 2007 Equities Magazine article that was written by him, he predicted the share price crashes of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch, etc., due their having been diagnosed with The EPS Syndrome. 

Presently, Perfect Short Research™ is available at the web site which was founded by Mr. Markowski.  In-depth information about perfect shorts and the criterion that a company must meet to be deemed by Mr. Markowski as a perfect short and case studies are available at


Key articles by the financial media about The EPS Syndrome, and Michael Markowski:

  • Money Magazine, "Number Cruncher:" Everyone wishes there were an easy way to spot companies in financial trouble. may have just such a tool.... A great feature on, with its "Picks and Pans" highlighted, too. Reporter; Erica Garcia

  • Equities Magazine, “OPS not OOPs”  This cover story provides great detail about the discoveries and the successful bankruptcy predictions that I made after I conducted my post mortem autopsy on Enron after it had filed for bankruptcy in December of 2001.