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Acclaimed Analyst Produces "NIRP Crash Indicator"

The “NIRP Crash Indicator” was developed and named by Michael Markowski in February of 2016.  Throughout his 40-year Wall Street career the founder of Dynasty Wealth has been a visionary analyst.  From conducting a post mortem on the financial statements of Enron after its bankruptcy, he discovered what caused its death and named it “The EPS Syndrome”.   Subsequently, Mr. Markowski utilized his discovery to predict the collapses and bankruptcies for several seemingly healthy major U.S. public companies.   These included Adelphi Communications, formerly the fourth largest cable TV company in the U.S., and Fleming Companies, the largest U.S. food distributor in 2002.   In his 2007 Equities Magazine article “Have Wall Street’s Brokers Been Pigging Out?” Mr. Markowski predicted the collapses of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch, etc.

Because of the significant increase in volatility of the markets at the beginning of 2016, and especially following Japan instituting a NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy) in January 2016, Mr. Markowski devoted the first two months of 2016 to conducting extensive research on the crash of 2008.  His goal was to isolate the cause of the crash, to better predict when the NIRP crash might occur. 

Mr. Markowski’s efforts were rewarded when they resulted in what he calls his “most significant discovery to date.”  He isolated the key metrics that could have been used in 2008 to predict that a crash of the magnitude of 1929 was imminent.   Additionally, the metrics could have been used to predict when that “storm” was over, as well as the V-shaped, or 180-degree reversal off of the market’s March 9, 2009 bottom.  The metrics are now powering a “crash indicator” which has four alert levels or signals; red, orange, yellow and green.

The NIRP Crash Indicator only monitors for potential crashes during periods of heightened volatility and is not to be relied upon for gradual corrections.  Additionally, the market could potentially reach new all-time highs before the reading turns red to signal that a crash is imminent.  Finally, the probability of a crash would diminish should an extremely positive U.S. or global economic event occur

Highlights of in-depth “Japan’s NIRP Increases Global Market-Crash Probability” Report:

  • Why risk is high that NIRPs will result in deflation becoming viral?
  • Why deflation is considered by economists to be evil twin brother of inflation?
  • What happened to economy during last bout of deflation (1930-1945)?
  • Black Swan Investing strategy to protect against NIRPs and Deflation

NIRP Crash Indicator Status and Research and Commentary by Dynasty Wealth Analysts and Economists 

Nov 17, 2016: NIRP Crash Indicator Status: Yellow

Nov 16, 2016: NIRP Crash Indicator Status: Yellow

Nov 15, 2016: NIRP Crash Indicator Status: Yellow

Nov 14, 2016: NIRP Crash Indicator Status: Yellow

Nov 10, 2016: NIRP Crash Indicator Status: Yellow

Sept 14, 2016: Last Signal Change Date; To Yellow from Orange

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