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Symbid (The Company) (OTCBB: SBID)

A Dynasty Wealth analyst is currently in the process of producing the initial research report on Symbid (“Company” or “SBID”). It is anticipated that this report will be published in January of 2016. 

I am currently drafting an extensive report on the crowdfunding industry that will become available soon. The report that I am producing will include my own recommendation of the shares of 22 publicly held companies. All are positioned to benefit from the SEC’s October 30, 2015, announcement that the final crowdfunding ban that the commission had put in place in 1933 would be lifted by May of 2016. The Company that I will recommend out of the 22 that I believe has the most upside potential is Symbid (OTCBB: SBID). It is undeniably the best, pure, publicly traded crowdfunding play. The Company, domiciled in The Netherlands, has a five-year head start over its competitors in the United States, which are yet to emerge because the SEC’s lifting of its second and final ban will not become effective until May of 2016. SBID launched one of Europe’s first crowdfunding platforms in 2011.

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