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AfterMaster (AFTM)

AFTERMASTER, Inc. (OTCBB: AFTM) formerly named Studio One Media is a publicly held diversified media and audio technology company headquartered in Hollywood, California. AFTERMASTER, Inc. (“AFTM” or the “Company”) is comprised of two wholly owned subsidiaries: AfterMaster HD Audio Labs, Inc., and MyStudio HD Recording Studios, Inc.

From 2006 through June of 2015, AFTM was primarily a development-stage company that had expended $22.5 million over nine years to develop proprietary (patents both issued and pending), leading-edge audio and video technologies for professional and consumer use. In the second half of calendar 2015 AFTM and its strategic partner ON Semiconductor Corp., (NASDAQ: ON), a $3-billion company commenced the marketing of its audio products for professional and consumer markets. (ON Semiconductor had become a strategic partner of AFTM when it entered into a global licensing agreement with the Company in April of 2014.) Under the agreement, ON undertook the development of imbedding AFTM’s software into a microchip to be sold by ON’s sales force to global consumer electronics manufacturers.

The company became a member of Dynasty Wealth (DW) on February 1, 2015 with a share price of $0.72. AFTM’s share price is currently trading closer to its all-time low share price ($0.14) than its all-time high ($6.85). The share price has remained depressed during the last nine years because the company incurred losses while developing its products, yet not having products to sell.

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