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N-Viro International Corporation

N-Viro International Corporation (The Company) (OTCBB: NVIC), a publicly held company, headquartered in Toledo Ohio, was founded in 1993. NVIC is a developer of intellectual property, technologies and solutions, which address the world’s oldest and most pervasive environmental problem: raw sewage disposal. The Company has patented processes and systems that recycle the bioorganic waste (raw sewage sludge) produced by humans and animals. Over the past 20 years NVIC has generated millions of dollars of revenue by converting bioorganic solids into fertilizer with a net positive impact on the environment. The Company filed and obtained a patent on a system that converts raw sewage sludge into a coal alternative. The Company’s N-Viro Fuel™, which it will begin selling to utility companies in 2015, produces lower emissions than coal alone and is cost competitive with coal. Conveniently, existing coal-fired plants (with minimal equipment retrofits) will be able to burn NVIC’s more environmentally friendly N-Viro Fuel™.

Stock Symbol: OTCBB: NVIC - Stock Chart

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