Dynasty Wealth was founded from research conducted by Michael Markowski on the transformation from the industrial to the digital economy.  Mr. Markowski, a 40-year veteran of the securities markets predicts that the decade ending 2020 will be recorded by historians as the best ever for investors for returns of 100 to 1,000 times on investments.  Producing such wealth quickly became possible ONLY after Netscape launched its Navigator browser in 1995.  The launch of the first smart phone in 2007, resulted in apps accelerating the proliferation of the digital economy.   

Dynasty Wealth is Social Investing Community (SIC).  The SIC model and first social or niche investing communities only began to emerge in 2014 due to the following: 

Dynasty Wealth exclusively identifies and enters into long term consulting relationships with startup and early stage companies with market caps below $50 million.  To become a member a company must have a scalable business and cash flow model which has the potential to value the company at a $1 Billion minimum valuation within 5 years.  Dynasty Wealth’s investor members receive invitations to invest into a member company’s various rounds including founder’s and seed rounds, etc., to make a multiple return on their investments. 

Dynasty Wealth is on the cutting edge for developing a private secondary or liquid market place for the shares of privately held startups and early stage companies with market caps of less than $1 billion for these reasons:

  • Developer of licensor of automated venture capital (AVC) funding system which is now being utilized to fund two of its member company startups. 
  • Leader of a global funding network which is now emerging to fund startups and early stage companies. The network includes several niche’ SIC partners and international online equities crowdfunding platforms.  

 More information about Michael Markowski is available at www.michaelmarkowski.net.

Due to the transformation from the industrial to the digital economy which began in 1995, history will record the decade ending 2020 as the best ever for investors to generate dynastic wealth.  Below are select digital companies which have already produced dynastic returns.

Dynasty Wealth specializes in discovering, recommending and following disruptor and first mover companies which have exponential appreciation potential.  Our founder, Michael Markowski — one of Fortune Magazine’s “50 Great Investors” — is a visionary analyst who has the experience to discover exceptional investment opportunities.

More information about Michael Markowski is available at www.michaelmarkowski.net