In 2014, Dynasty Wealth (DW) was founded by Michael Markowski to capitalize on the transformation of the economy from industrial to digital, which began when Netscape launched its Navigator browser in September of 1995.  Mr. Markowski — one of Fortune Magazine’s “50 Great Investors” — is a visionary analyst who has a verifiable track record for finding buy-and-hold investment opportunities that have the potential to multiply by ten times in value.  See

From conducting research on the transformation from the industrial to the digital economy which began in 1995 we are predicting that the decade ending 2020 will be recorded by history as the best ever for investors to accumulate dynasty wealth from a diversified portfolio.  The table below depicts the digital economy opportunities that have already enabled investors to generate dynasty wealth within approximately 5 years.

DW projects that a portfolio populated with digital companies has the potential to appreciate by ten times by 2020 regardless of what happens to the U.S. or global economy.  The two videos below explain digital disruptor and first mover companies. 

“Digital disruptor companies have potential to get to $10 billion valuations quickly” (4 min 01 sec)

“Why ‘First Mover’ companies have the potential to get to $1 billion valuations almost instantly”

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