Video: “BCHI is a disruptor with $10 Billion Potential” 6 min, 56 sec

Video covers BCHI, a disruptor of the $593 billion US grocery industry.  Explains how a business model that could potentially generate $2.3 billion of annual revenue by 2020 has ZERO customer acquisition costs.   BCHI which provides non-GMO foods to the consumer at wholesale prices the potential to get to a $10 billion valuation by 2020.   The article “​BCHI: Digitally Disrupting $596 Billion Grocery Industry” produced by Dynasty Wealth’s director of research is also recommended.   


Video: “Jinglz is a startup with $10 Billion Potential” 5 min, 6 sec

Video covers Jinglz, a company which developed an app that has the potential to be utilized multiple times per day by more than a billion individuals.  App which verifies viewing of mobile videos and also has pending facial expressions recognition patent positions Jinglz to be valued for more than $10 billion.   Article “Jinglz, Video Ad Verification App Poised to Disrupt Ad Industry” produced by analyst of Dynasty Wealth’s partner Trophy Investing is recommended.     


Video: “StartEngine’s valuation headed to a billion due to its becoming First Mover” 5 min 32 sec

Explains why StartEngine’s launch of its Secondary Market to provide the liquidity for the shares of private companies having market caps of less than $1 billion has forever changed the capital markets.   Also explains that since StartEngine has emerged as a first mover it will soon be afforded a billion-dollar valuation resulting in its share price going from $5 to $40 by 2019.  Articles ​“Shares of StartEngine Poised to Multiply in 2018” and ​“StartEngine's New Secondary Market Extremely Disruptive to Capital Markets” produced by Dynasty Wealth’s director of research are also recommended.